2019 North East District - CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS

Sponsored by The Evening Express & Aberdein Considine


This Championship, sponsored by the Evening Express and Aberdein Considine is open to the 2018 Scratch and Handicap Champions of all Clubs affiliated to the North East District.

If any player who is Champion of his home Club is also Champion of another Club, he must represent his HOME Club in this Championship.

A player MUST be a current member of the Club he is representing.

There are separate competitions for Scratch and Handicap Champions.

No player may compete in both Championships.



Entries must be in by Friday 15th March 2019




  1. The competition shall be match-play over 18 holes and, in the event of the match being all square after 18 holes, sudden death on a hole by hole basis shall apply until a result is reached. In the Handicap section strokes will be taken in accordance with the stroke index.


  1. All matches shall be played from the Medal Tees with full handicap allowance in the case of the Handicap section.


  1. Ties must be played by the stipulated date and the first named player in the tie will have the choice of venue at a course within the North East District and give a choice of at least two dates to his opponent, one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday, and this must be done within seven days of the draw being received by the home player.


  1. If the first named player fails to make contact within seven days of receiving the draw, the second named, should contact the first named to arrange the tie.


  1. Any player failing to turn up within 20 minutes of the agreed time of their match will forfeit the tie to his opponent


  1. Should a player be unable to play his tie by the due date or unable to fulfil any future tie, he MUST scratch immediately and award the tie to his opponent giving notice of this to his opponent and to the Secretary of the N.E. District.


No extensions will be allowed.


  1. Local rules will apply and should be established before play commences.


  1. Any queries on local rules should be referred to the Secretary of the Club at which the match is being played.


  1. All other decisions or disputes shall be referred to the Secretary of the North East District whose decision will be final.


  1. The match result must be notified by the winner to the Secretary of the North East District by telephone or email and NOT to the offices of the Evening Express.


  1. All results authorised by the N.E. District Secretary will be published in the Evening Express.


  1. The Scratch and Handicap Finals will be played at Inverurie Golf Club on Sunday 1st September 2019.

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