Aberdeen City Championship
The turnout for the Aberdeen City Championship competitions in July 2016 was disappointing. Consequently, the ACC has since been discontinued.
An inaugural real ACC was being played in 2014; the tournament enjoyed four qualifying fixtures, one on each of the four Aberdeen City Courses. A finals day for semi-finals and finals was played by the winner and runner up in each of the categories of the qualifying tournaments on Sunday 23rd August 2015. The Gents scratch players were also playing for the famous Aberdeen City Quaich which was won for the first time in 1926 by John Dow from the Northern Golf Club. Congratulations to Scott Robertson for winning it this time for the home Hazlehead Golf Club.

     Gents Scratch                Scott Robertson (-1)           Hazlehead

     Gents Handicap (1)       Alan Robertson (7)             Hazlehead

     Gents Handicap (2)       Michael Angus (12)            Hazlehead


     Ladies Scratch               Katherine Emeleus (13)      Hazlehead

     Ladies Handicap (1)      Morven Adam (13)              Hazlehead

     Ladies Handicap (2)      Karen Thow (21)                 Kemnay


     Juniors Scratch              Jack Pirie (4)                       Hazlehead

     Juniors Handicap (1)      Scott Mathieson (12)          Hazlehead

     Juniors Handicap (2)      Charlie MacDonald (16)     Westhill


     Seniors Handicap (1)      Alan Fraser (12)                 Nigg Bay

     Seniors Handicap (2)      Gordon Porter (15)             Nigg Bay